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Clarke Refurbs’ experienced team delivers custom refurbs to vehicles and equipment in all trucking vocations.

We support fleets of all sizes and equipment types with more than 200,000 competitively priced parts from a range of different brands.

We build your refurb at one of our shops in Clarke’s expansive network of locations – near your turf for quick delivery. There’s no inventory sitting on a lot waiting for a buyer. It’s all built to customer specs.

But Clarke Refurbs does more than just get your older equipment looking and working like new – we’re a complete solutions provider. We deliver specialized fleet and maintenance analysis with KPI reports from our fleet management center.

If you want to revitalize your fleet even further, Clarke can help turn your older trucks into custom-designed gliders. We build gliders from remanufactured parts of donor trucks that are combined with brand new pieces – such as the cab – to create a like-new vehicle.

Clarke Refurbs is part of a broader network of companies
serving a variety of industries with a range of capabilities:


We oversee a multinational conglomerate operating in 152 countries, specializing in the transportation, fire protection and power generation industries.

Clarke has deep roots. Still family-owned after more than 50 years, Clarke has long-standing relationships with some of the biggest brands across the globe. Grounded in deep engineering expertise, Clarke’s cross-industry offerings are driven by talented wrench-turners who know their way around fire pumps, truck engines and everything in between.

Clarke Heavy Duty helps transform industries by raising standards in custom engineering, diesel engines and trucking. We provide custom-engineered solutions and service for the power generation industry and maintenance to commercial vehicles of all makes, models, fleet sizes and asset classes. We listen to our clients and anticipate their needs so we can deliver better, smarter and more efficient solutions.

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