We work with vehicles in all trucking vocations. We don’t just refurb the trucks, we can do the equipment on the back of the truck, too.

Regardless of the condition of your equipment when it enters our shop, our custom refurbishing will have it looking and working like new when we’re done.

Do your terminal tractors have trouble with regens? Does your box truck run great but need a new shredder? Is it time to replace the engine and transmission in your mixer? The Clarke Refurbs team will refurbish your equipment according to your custom specifications. We can work with all equipment for any vocation and by any name – whether you call a terminal tractor a yard spotter, yard dog, mule or goat. Some categories of equipment we commonly refurb include:

Terminal Tractor


Step Van

Other Specialty Trucks

We make the process easy, guiding you through the custom refurb of your equipment. We’ll perform a cost-benefit analysis, detailing how you’ll save with a refurb vs. purchasing new equipment. We’ll analyze different build options and identify potential donor equipment from your fleet. Learn more about the process on our Timeline page.

You can start with these standard refurb options for any equipment and customize as needed:

  • Engine: Engine replaced with a remanufactured engine.
  • Transmission: Transmission replaced with a remanufactured transmission.
  • Rear End: Rear-end differential replaced with remanufactured diffferential.
  • Cooling: Replace radiator core, radiator mounts, upper and lower radiator hoses, and other cooling equipment.
  • Fuel: Replace fuel tank straps and isolators, and fuel level sending unit, and inspect fuel tank.
  • Exhaust: Replace muffler, exhaust stack, flex pipe, exhaust clamps and other exhaust equipment.
  • Brakes: Replace all brake shoes/hardware, drums, chambers and other braking equipment.
  • Front Axle: Replace king pins/bushings, tie rod ends and hub caps, and other front axle equipment.
  • Suspension: Replace spring shackles/pins/bushings on front and rear.
  • HVAC System: Replace A/C compressor, dryer, expansion valve, pressure switches and heater shut-off valves.
  • Interior: Replace driver’s seat, floor mat, hourmeter, sun visor assembly and other interior equipment.
  • Electrical: Replace main harness from cab to engine, head lights, worklights and other electrical equipment.
  • Tires/Wheels: Inspect wear and condition of tires, quote to replace as needed.
  • Exterior: Paint interior/exterior of cab, all outer wheels, frame, etc. and inspect other exterior equipment.

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