What's a Refurb?

Even the best equipment eventually gets worn down with age. But if you purchase new equipment, you could be trading one problem you know for new, expensive ones you don’t.

There is another way. Refurbs let you keep the equipment you’re familiar with at a huge cost savings vs. buying new – and it will be entirely as functional and long-lasting as a new unit.

Terminal tractors, mixers, step vans, shredders – we work with vehicles in all trucking vocations. We don’t just refurb the trucks, we can do the equipment on the back of the truck, too. Regardless of the condition of your equipment when it enters our shop, our custom refurbishing will have it looking and working like new when we’re done.

The Clarke Refurbs team will rebuild your equipment according to your custom specifications. Does your equipment need a transmission and engine, but the rear end differential is fine? Or do you need the cabs painted and driver’s seats replaced, but the gauges are still great? We customize the truck to your needs.

Clarke’s vocation-based focus delivers refurbs customized to your exact specifications


In-shop, detailed, bumper-to-bumper unit inspection to identify hidden concerns prior to refurb

Major components of all systems can be replaced – engine, transmission, differential

Familiarity and simplicity of older engines allow for lower maintenance costs


Parts are more affordable and more readily available

Avoid the cost, maintenance and downtime of upgrading to new equipment

We make the process easy, guiding you through the custom refurb of your equipment. We’ll perform a cost-benefit analysis, detailing how you’ll save with a refurb vs. purchasing new equipment. We’ll analyze different build options and identify potential “donor” equipment from your fleet.

Then we’ll custom build your refurb at one of our shops in Clarke’s expansive network of locations. There’s no inventory sitting on a lot waiting for a buyer. Learn more about how we refurb equipment and contact our experienced team to discuss your exact specifications and to place an order now.

Want to revitalize your fleet even further? Clarke can help. Glider your older trucks to save more over buying new.
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